1. SO SIMPLE! I love the flow chart, haha i’m going to print this and stick it on my xbox as a reminder.It’s funny how we over complicate everything hey? for some reason we try everything in life, except the thing that is staring us right in the face.If it works. Do it.If it doesn’t, don’t. lol

  2. Recuerdo las sesiones dobles de sesión continúa en las que mi hermano y yo ibamos todos los domingos.Había que sacar las entradas por la mañana.Y una cosa curiosa era que como "echaban" dos películas una vez llegados a la segunda que era para adultos a los chicos se nos buscaba por las butacas y nos largaban.Tiempos muy difíciles pero también tiempos de difrute en una infancia traspasada por la penuria.Saludos

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  4. oui, certes, mais la haine des fonctionnaires n’est pas une spécificité de ce mouvement. Il n’y a pas très loin à aller chercher pour trouver l’équipe de campagne d’un futur ex-président monter les salariés du privé contre ceux du public en établissant une frontière entre « la France du travail » et les « fonctionnaires privilégiés ». Le monsieur qui est le sujet de cet article, au-delà de son état de surmenage qui semble avéré, est un pur produit de ce climat délétère.

  5. So come on then Sir; what’s your view? FWIW I think Owens bottled it. If he thought it was a deliberate push (and it was) then it should have been straight red there & then, not a warning at the next breakdown; it’s then up to the powers that be to decide if there are any mitigating circumstances. Thin end of the wedge if you allow the ref’s authority to be undermined IMHO.

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  13. wow! your mom looks more like your sister than your mom! and what awesome style. it must be great growing up with artistic parents. when i showed my dad the pictures you took of kyle and me, he thought the shoe picture was an accident. i think he thought that *i* took the picture and accidentally took one of our shoes and he was laughing at me for doing it. i had to explain to him that it was professional and cute and artsy and on purpose

  14. Peggy and Family, I am so sad at your loss. Your Mom was one of my favorite teachers of all time. She made me feel special. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying that your pain will be eased as time passes. You were blessed to have had her as your mom: )

  15. Dec07Dtalf Pues el video es caserillo, una pareja tirandose un buen polvo, ¿que problema con eso?, acaso no es lo normal?, no veo nada condenable en eso. Ahora si son de mente tan estrecha para tomar eso como un delito pues…, bueno pobre gente, realmente algo estúpido y vergonzoso.

  16. Hiya Bev so wonderfull to hear that you had a lot of fun with Marcea and the other ladies, yep can imagine that you spend al your money at the magnolia stand hihih…most important is that you ladies had fun.Love your card hun, very nice coloring and your Sweet Angel is georgous, thanks for sharing hun. Hugs Terry

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  25. Wow. I'd been under the impression that there was a low percentage of blacks among Iowans. Or is they're disproportionately drawn to government jobs?The real problem with this case is it requires mind reading to become a court recognized talent. Is this supposed bias expert a telepath? What if you fall into a group which telepaths have a natural antipathy for and will lie about your motives to bring you down?

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  32. I was deeply disappointed when Erin Burnett jumped the CNBC ship to anchor a nothing happy-talk program at the failed and failing CNN. She had some fabulous documentaries on CNBC, like her trip to China a couple of years ago. She’s an awesome journalist for the right kinds of subjects. CNN, like the western democracies 1914-1945, has spent the bulk of the last 20 years destroying its brand with people like Cafferty and Blitzer, who’s become a caricature of himself.

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  37. Yes, yes she would believe it from her experience aka “her bias of skepticism!” Thank goodness this woman isn’t operating as a professional RD!“What, you think I need to have patient X cut back on nut butter and oats due to high blood sugar ? Hogwash! I eat them every day and my levels are fine!”

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  39. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Melody!! I totally agree with you! It’s a tough balance that’s we’re required to keep in a world where we have so much technology. It’s interesting! I posted something similar on my blog a few months ago, when I was in a bit of a slump!

  40. it is a numbers game–low for those who would try to claim that they too were “systemically” important. Most would fear the cost of trying to sue over this issue….and being held up in court forever…..unless someone out there wants to make a class action suit for all of those out there who could show their damage–that might get the attention of those who are turning a blind eye to what is being done!

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  50. Interesting. It's been a long time since I've seen that episode. There's also Philip K. Dick, though, who did more virtual reality-related stories than pretty much anyone, and The Matrix also reminded me of stories by Frederick Pohl and Fritz Leiber that pre-date everything else we've mentioned. I'll have to see that episode again at some point, though. Holmes wrote some great ones.

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